Crafted Bags


Christine Kelly, architect

Searching through the bottom of my work tote became an art form. Honestly, it was like a stand up scavenger hunt. I am an architect. I craft beautiful streamlined buildings for my clients. Yet, the space inside my bag could easily become disorganized.

One day, I was at a meeting and the straw broke, the camel buckled. Here’s the story. I was trying to find my favorite sketch pen and ended up grabbing my lipstick tube. My tape measure (I love that sharp thwack sound it makes) sank further beneath a notebook that somehow swallowed my phone. My bag’s one and only pocket overflowed with rubber bands, my wallet, keys and an ancient pack of gum. My drawings were always odd man out. They never fit right. As I’m digging for my pen, I started laughing. My client gave me a little side eye. This has to stop, I thought, and I know how to make it stop. I went home and started designing a bag for architects like me who spend too much time searching for things rather than doing what they love – designing the remarkable!

My process was simple: draw; measure; cut; sew; rip a few things apart; and then start again. On the umpteenth version, my vision for my bag came alive! I found my artisan team and Crafted Bags was born. My wish for you is to become so organized and confident that you have more time to fill this world with your remarkable creativity.

Christine Kelly, AIA
Founder of Crafted Bags and Crafted Architecture